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Goodmorning Bloggers!!

I am soooo revved up today….thank goodness it’s Friday and thanks to Xylon (I know, sounds like a light bulb ;o)) from the 5 FM team who put such a smashing playlist together – I was bopping and singing the whole way to work this morning. Man, it was some good music. No whining Akon or screeching Rihanna and Beyonce (maybe I missed it). Truly awesome

But my highlight is……I was finally ogled in traffic. Whoopiee!! This means I’m not that bad looking after all, hey? If you wanna know why I’m so excited, read more here (lightbulb moment 2)….. 

I stopped at a stop street (as I occasionally do) and noticed this bright red Honda Type R, and a hot looking guy in it. Then again, maybe he wasn’t coz’ one never knows these days what with the wrap around aviators or pitch dark glasses. Doesn’t matter. He checked me out. Or maybe he was ogling my car, or the hair that I forgot to comb this morning (looks like a wet mop today). But today I refuse to think negative thoughts. I was checked out, thats ALL that matters… ;o)

PS: I like hot guys in fast cars….or is it fast guys in hot cars….doesn’t really matter does it? I am so revved you will not believe. Phew *trying to bring heartbeat into semblance of normalcy*

But that’s not all…tried my luck with an old jeans this morning…whooohooo…it finally fits….after just like, 4 years…seems like all that sweating and puffing on the Orbitrek is paying off….slowly but surely trimming the Dunlops into a nice tight 17” Michelin ;o)

Also tried my hand at a poem last night (in Afrikaans nogals) but it is PUTRID….I read it afterwards and killed myself laughing…I don’t think I will unleash that on you today…you might just end up puking your guts out

Oh, and I decided when I grow up, I wanna be like Karon from Dirty Sexy Money….she’s HOT….she might look like a ditzy blonde/brunette, but she’s shrewd. And so funny. And cunning. Look how she’s endearing herself to Nick’s daughter. Talk about psychological ninja’s. And she always has me in stitches….did I mention she’s HOT? *note to self: start saving for facelift, teeth overhall and hair extensions; might just be able to do all of this by 2020*

That’s all for me for now, think I can get a lot of crappy stuff done today, what with no time-stealing meetings going on….

Have a super dooper day, Bloggers!!



Comments on: "Lekka soos ‘n Cracka’" (5)

  1. foot loose said:


  2. Mahesi said:

    Hi there D, great weekend to you!

  3. borrel said:

    Congrats on all the good things Diz. WHOOP WHOOP for you. lolAnyway have the best weekend ever!

  4. blackgal said:

    Thank God its Friday Dizz…i feel that way too. Had a hectic week with no time to blog. Thanks for the visit.Enjoy yours…

  5. hutton said:

    Caption competition winners announced!

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