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This is absolutely confusing. We all understand the importance of education. This is evident in the amount of parents who every year go through the painstaking and sometimes frustrating process of searching for suitable schools. Preferably one where the teacher to child ratio is under 25. And one you can afford.

Once you find a suitable one that you are absolutely ecstatic about and even your kids love, you prepare them, buying every single piece of equipment and uniform they need. Can’t have them looking all scruffy, standing out like a sore thumb now can you?

And of course you sort out the finances FIRST. Before you even enroll them. You make your plus + minusses and voila – if you can afford it it’s all systems go. And if you are a single parent or having financial difficulty the schools actually provide assistance. But YOU have to ask for it. You cannot expect them to know that you may have a problem later. You must have the foresight of highlighting that NOW before it actually becomes a gawdalmighty problem.

Evidently, some parents don’t work that way. They default on payments from DAY ONE. How the f*ck does that happen? Seriously. I am battling to understand this. I was made aware of this fact when speaking to an old school buddy who just happens to be the accountant at a prominent school.  FROM DAY ONE?!! FFS’s

The parents get reminders – obvioulsy – but studiously ignore these. Do parents really think it’s just going to go away? Don’t they feel guilty and embarassed knowing that they’re not honoring the contract they signed with that school? For goodness sakes, their children are getting a quality education, where others can’t even AFFORD to send their children to school, let alone a decent school. HELL there are parents who can’t even send their children to school because its NON-EXISTENT. It’s just a shell, no desk, chairs NOTHING. Yet they carry on asif nothings wrong? Go figure.

Another shocking thing is these parents drive big ass 4×4’s and BMW’s and such, with the clothes to boot. So where is there money going, I ask? How is it possible? The mind boggles.

Of course the schools does everything legally within their power to recover the monies – but it ends up costing them much more in legal fees. And face it, they really don’t wanna go that route. Can they refuse the children access to schooling? No. So just lock up these irresponsible parents and let them sit in the tjoekie for a few days maybe that will change their minds.



Comments on: "Pay your child(ren)’s School Fees Dammit" (7)

  1. Luvvit said:

    I feel sorry for the kids…

  2. Killakat said:

    Precisely, but these guys are so bloody thick skinned, they just don’t get it! They did the same at TA’s school. He was embarassed for his friends….

  3. JournoJen said:

    Yeah have to agree with you here. The funniest thing is that many of those families with 4×4’s are living in huge debt and moving from credit card to credit card. It’s all an illusion! I feel most sorry for the kids…other kids can be really cruel with teasing

  4. StephanKuhn said:

    I do aim to entertain you know and please tell me why you want to go and change something that works? Didn’t read any of this post because I’ve had it with people wanting free rides all the time. It’s despicable.

  5. StephanKuhn said:

    You could just ask straight up you know. I’m assuming it’s been a long time since you had your first kiss, so you only forgot how great they are šŸ˜‰

  6. prettygirl said:

    I agree with you to an extent, but lets not name call or hate on those who dont pay. There are very good reasonsYes it is the responsibillity of the parent to talk to the school and seek help ALTHOUGH some parents do not have the courage to do so so they dont. Yes i agree that the 4×4 drivers should dish out as they are giving the real down and out parents a bad nameMy brother and sister are at a good school in JHB, my mom is a single mom and cannot afford to pay fees, she has applied for expemption, and the school is well aware of her problems. We pay my sisters registration fees on a monthly basis. It is hard to bring up children in today’s world, its expensive and we try our best. I must mention that the principal of the school is a real a-hole, he is constantly rude to people and does not even try to understandAnd surely your friend should not be allowed to discuss personal matters like this with people, i sure hope he does not mention names and surnames.I sincerly hope that you will not pick on down and out parents again… your article is hurtful and biased!!!!! And clearly you do not have children of your own so you wont know how hard the challenges are but when you see them progress and learn so well as they know that education is important its all worth it

  7. Killakat said:

    Hello The GirlIf you had read my blog properly you would have noticed that, yes indeed, I do have children.My friend is a professional and never ever would SHE name any specific individuals. Neither would I even deign to ask her to point out these parents. This was in fact as a result of a meeting we (as parents) had about the dire financial situation of the school.Yes, I certainly do understand that people are in debt, BUT there is always a way out, and you should seek help if you can. If you cannot and your principal is an A-hole, what about the SGB? Certainly they can assist? But to just not pay your childrens’ school-fees just because is in my opinion pure abrogation of duties. Lastly, people GET THEMSELVES into these situations. Don’t live above your means. Period. And now I know I am biased and judgmental.

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