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I rest my case

The SA Salary Survey has been released. Being a very career focussed individual, I was most upset that I didn’t get to participate. Obviously too dof or too self absorbed to notice these things are underway. Anyway, I digress….

Almost 22 000 recipients participated, the larger number of recipients being female, while males took a backseat (wish they will always take a backseat). This to me says males don’t care about these surveys coz they are being paid well, so they are happy. Females on the other hand are worried about their careers and remuneration much more, hence the tendency to participate en masse

In no way do I think this survey is completely representative of the workforce out there – out of a possible 10mil adults? Only 20 000 participants? Go figure.

These are some things that stood out for me. Please note: these are my opinions; due to time constraints I did not do an exhaustive analysis of the results…..

I’ve always said that

  1. Women are remunerated less for the same job she performs as her male counterpart
  2. There is a definite discrepancy in remuneration amongst the race groups – people who do the same job, have the same skills and experience will not be remunerated the same. There’s the proof. I don’t have to tell you its unfair.

Some companies are really taking development of their staff seriously – skills development is a key focus area. Hell, it’s a buzz word in all companies. But some take it more seriously than others. It is evidently not important in our company. All talk. No action. But at least there are plans in place. Maybe if they keep talking and meeting the powers that be will eventually implement an effective development program and actually develop their staff.

White males (how do you manage to still get away with it?) come out tops in terms of position and salary. Sorry, my mistake, they are obviously better qualified than their Black, Coloured and Indian counterparts. Hopefully this scenario will change within the next decade or so. No rush.

There is a marked lack of female executives in the country – like, yeah, you needed a survey to tell you that? I could have told them that. One only needs to read the Business Times regularly to notice this gap. No rocket scientist needed to tell us that. Look at what a big whoohaa they made about Maria Ramos? If we had more top female execs, she would have probably just been mentioned in passing. We wouldn’t have gotten THAT excited about her. Not that I’m not excited when any female exec gets appointed to the board or as CEO / CFO in any large conglomerate. In fact, I get very excited. It means there’s hope yet.

Also, how is it possible that there are more males occupying good jobs than females? I thought we were taking over the world?

Coloureds (still) make up the bulk of the unskilled / skilled labor area than in the professional area. My bad, Coloureds and Blacks. I can vouch for the Coloureds. We have always been slow on the uptake. But we’ll get there. My dad just yesterday said in 20 years we’ll take over the government. I don’t think that is necessarily a good idea. We should rather focus on taking over the business world than the country. I mean, can you imagine the chaos when we are in government – getting a job for Pietie coz’ he knows how to organize “stuff”, pimping out the official presidential vehicle with mags, and lots of chrome, wearing all your gold jewellery all at once for all functions, or having to explain where you got your un-licensed firearm from? Nah, we should stay out of government. I know of a lot of Coloured professionals, specialists and doctors. I wonder if they even bothered participating? Probably not, knowing that they prefer FB and sites where they can get tips on how to pimp their cars. Oh, they’re too busy organising everybody for the next Roberta Flack concert….

The rest I was not interested in. But you can go check it out for yourself.

As I said, I rest my case.


Comments on: "I rest my case" (5)

  1. hutton said:

    Sad but true

  2. Sundancer said:

    This is all true I am afraid. I don’t think that womens’ salaries, in general, have improved much over the years at all.

  3. feefy said:

    Ditto Dizzy

  4. feefy said:

    MOB = Meeting of bloggers doll.

  5. foot loose said:

    U have a super day too.

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