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I’m having a blegh day. The weekend wasn’t as fab as it was supposed to be merely becoz’ love and I had a tiff. And for once it was my complete insensitivity that threw our normally harmonious household into complete silence. Even the children were looking at me and muttering stuff like “What have you done now, Mummy”, “Sheez, it musta been bad if he’s still upset at you, Ma?” I was too embarrassed to tell them

What started it all was going to friends for a braai and having one too many Vawters. Warning: those things are lethal: one minute you’re still OK and can walk to the loo with some sense of decorum. The next you can’t, and you need to cling onto every single chair and wall and dog on your way into the house just to go blerrie pee. Drink Vawter AT YOUR PERIL. There’s a reason why these things are even available in Welkom and Worcester (spelt right? Probably not). It’s for only the very hardcore of people. Anyway I digress

So they start picking on me “Where’d you leave your broom today?” Uh. “Around the corner” Hakakahaa. Then it’s the morning person thing – this really bugged him. And I proceeded to explain. In detail (like I did to you guys). He tells everyone I have MAJOR issues, I need to get over them. O.K.A.Y. I can handle stuff like a man. No problem. I have issues, I will deal with them. Then I start unpacking my issues.

I ragged him about his idiosyncrasies, particularly the obsessive compulsive stuff. Apparently I carried on for about 2 hours. “Whaaa??! NAH man, you exaggerate”. Then hubby gives me the look and tells me he’s going home am I coming. “What, no ways, I’m still having fun. You wanna go then go. PA will drop me”. Sharp. He leaves. So eventually I realize there’s no more booze so I have to go home now (overextended my welcome, you think?) and her hubby is already starting banging the utensils in the kitchen. I got the message. Time to leave.

She asks me don’t I think SO (significant other) will be pissed off. “What? Nah, he’s OK. He can take a joke”. But of course, I am not firing on all cylinders, my brain’s addled. I don’t know what I’m saying. “And anyways, HE started it” (very mature of me, huh)? Turns out he didn’t like it one bit. But this I only find out the next morning (i.e. Sunday)

I woke up at 06:15 with a major need to go speak to George (yah, my body needed to get rid of some stuff). No sympathy from SO of course. Get back from George feeling and looking decidedly green and developing a moerse headache when I try cuddling up to him, and he just scoots farther away. Heck, he almost fell off the bed trying to get away from me! After the second attempt it pierced through my fuddled brain that there’s a frosty wind coming from the other side of the bed. So I ask him.

Apparently I went on way too long.

SO: “You say I’m wonderful and all that…” yadayada, “ but have so much issues with me”

ME: “Whaa? No issues, I was teasing

SO: “Yah, but for 2 hours..?!” (still trying to figure out how the hell they got to watching the time while I was ranting!).

Me: “Lovey, it couldn’t have been so bad, and you know I wuff you and think I have the best man on earth, I’m sorry if I upset you…” (please note, it is quite a mission to string two sentences together and I think I did decidedly well).

SO: “If you don’t like the way I do stuff, then go find another man.”

Me: “WHAT!!! But, sweetie….er….you can’t say that. You know how wonderful I think you are. You’re my man…” (Bugger, now I know I’m in really deep shit here and do some major butt-kissing…)

SO: silence

ME: “But sweetie….”

Then he gives me The Look. If ice had a look, he perfected it. I still feel frozen. After this I decided to retreat to the corner and keep a very low profile. I can’t handle my love being pissed off at me for anything. Normally the shoe’s on the other foot, you know? This is why the children just shook their heads at me in reproach, ‘coz they also ended bearing the brunt of my blabbermouth.

And that’s how our Sunday proceeded, me trying to make nice, and him ignoring me. Sjoh, I really felt it. I’m still in the dogbox. Wonder if I’ll ever get out. I hope by the time I get home tonight he’ll have forgiven me…..

Oh, and I invited a friend over for lunch – it was her birthday, but really by 10:15 I just couldn’t see myself slaving in front of the stove (rotti, butter-chicken curry, veggies, roast and dessert? NO WAY), and there was no way hun was going to put a vleisie on the braai so I was basically stuffed. Thank goodness my friend phoned and cancelled. The relief was immense.

And that, fellow bloggers, was my naafie Sunday. Hope you had a better one. Today I will spend plotting how to overcome his resistance. Wish me luck…..


Comments on: "The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly" (2)

  1. feefy said:

    Shame Dizzy, good luck tonight, am holding thumbs for you doll.

  2. hutton said:

    Major OOOOOPS!!!!

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