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BFP Sorted

I told you don’t mess with me!

Called an emergency meeting with asshole and his manager. First he didn’t wanna attend, wanted to know why I had issues! Can’t we resolve this on our own? “NO. Because you’ve lied and schemed too many times behind my back. Yeah, I find out these things. I know people. I don’t trust you. Because you want to give me a k*k rating on my dialogues yet all my customers are exceedingly happy, my targets are (over) achieved and because you were not even involved in those projects and because you’re so incompetent, yet I did so well, and that’s what you hate admitting” Ok, I didn’t say that. Just that I didn’t agree with it nor my new targets (unrealistic) or incentive structure and I want to get them both together so no one can bloody lie to me. Had all my facts and supporting doc’s (very impressive, eh?)

You can’t blerrie get customer satisfaction ratings consistently above 93% and get screwed with incentives and stuff? Is mos nie reg nie? And how can you expect me to roll out a big-ass project within 3 months when we have not even confirmed the global directives with HQ? And how can you deviate from what we discussed last year without consulting me, your valuable employee? Are you frigging befok?

And lo-and-behold – his manager puts him on the spot. “But BFP, this is not what we agreed“, “D is right, she’s done very well (I removed the exceptional part) and deserves X,Y & Z“. And “You can’t change her targets without discussing it with her” Yadayada. “Please amend it as discussed“. Guess who who’s looking like the BFP that he is :o) AND it all happened within 45 mins. No investigations, niks.

Klaar. Sorted. I am happy.

Now all’s well with the world

And good morning to you all, hope you have a fab day

PS: I did pray about this, the Man up There was listening……


Comments on: "BFP Sorted" (7)

  1. Sundancer said:

    Well done Dizzy. You have been vindicated.

  2. solataire said:

    Well done and ‘good for you!!!’

  3. Killakat said:

    Bloggie, I was. If i was one of those cartoon characters, the’re would’ve been fire and lighting spewing from my head :o) Thanks guys, it is a relief that its sorted :o)

  4. ezanne1 said:

    This is great news!! I am really happy for you. Life is sweet when justice prevails!Have a great weekend and peaceful mornings!

  5. davidsdance said:

    Well Done Dizzy – really good news!!!

  6. Killakat said:

    Thanks ya’ll!! You have a fab weekend tooxx

  7. Mahesi said:

    of course, he cannever let you down

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