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With ref to the article in News24

Man strangles ex-lover, 4 kids

This asshole kills his ex and kids. But not himself. Is his life too precious? What makes him so special – ex con and all?? My Gosh.

I understand that people get depressed and don’t know how to get themselves out of the quagmire they dug for themselves. I understand that people cannot always get themselves out of these holes either – whatever it is – fast enough, but if you decide you have had enough, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TAKE DOWN EVERYONE CLOSE YOU? Also, why kill them and not yourself? This absofuckenlutely boggles my mind. Truly. I wish I could see into these sick individuals’ minds to see for myself what thought proceses they go through before coming to that monstrous, life altering decision? CAN you actually see ahead to the future at how people – your family and friends – will be grieving at what you have done. How they battle to understand what it is THEY did to drive you to this heinous deed? DO YOU? DO YOU?!!!!

He must be shot by a firing squad – he’ll go through the agony of knowing he’s going to die, but not knowing when they willl pull the triggers and whether his death will be fast or not. Honestly – he does not deserve to live (and pro-lifer’s – not today please, I am just mad as all HELL).


Comments on: "WHY WHY WHY ???" (4)

  1. Sundancer said:

    I also cannot understand it. Sure kill yourself if you want to, which I also believe is incredibly selfish, but to kill everyone else is just incomprehensible to me.

  2. bronwyntivers said:

    No pro lifers here – fry him!! nuff said!!

  3. davidsdance said:

    I also question that every time I hear of this kind of crime!!!

  4. Plumcrush said:

    Maybe he couldnt afford the maintenance?Jokes aside… very sad indeed! I say that anyone who takes a life or does a crime to another human being that directly affects their person like rape, stabbing, torture etc should be handed over to the people that do testing on animals. The harsher the crime the harsher the testing! That way:1) We will know how the item being tested really affects humans as its being tested on humans2) Innocent animals will no longer be used and set free and no more cruelty to animals! It will be just rewards for these “offenders” who no longer deserve to be called “human beings” because of their crimes against humanity and they should have their human rights revoked! For other crimes like theft, cut their hands off! Plum – the bunny hugger

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