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You know you’re gonna have a k*k day when

1. You wake up at 3:00am to go pee and almost fall off the pot

2. You fall off to sleep only to wake again at 04:15 am with the beginnings of a headache *who on this earth (except for me) wakes up with a blerrie headache I ask with tears in my eyes*

3. Finally get up at 04:45 to prepare for the day – set out breakfast etc

4. 5:15 start with my exercise routine *yah, exercise with a headache I hear you say…I am dizzy afterall*

5. After 2.55 mins on the Orbitrek give up *panting & sweating no less*

6. Gasping for breath try drinking some water only to almost choke when it went down the wrong way

7. Get onto the Orbitrek again determinedly trying to convince myself – I can do this, I can to this —– *at this point I should have just given up already, but giving up don’t exist in my world*

8. Give up ;o) after another very tough 1.45 mins *consoling myself I did SOMETHING, THEN only checking the resistance in the hopes that it was turned to maximum by mistake – it wasn’t on maximum*

9. After finally catching my breath, get the weights out to rather do some strength training etc – and promptly dropped a 2kg weight on my foot – no killer heels for me today *at this point I should have realized that this is gonna be a k*k day, but it still didn’t soak into my fuddled sore brain*

10. Get some exercise done – 45 mins later, collapse on my carpet *legs reduced to jelly*

11. By this time it is 6:05am (i think), wander around the house for aimlessly for a further 20 mins wondering what to do next *thought of getting into the shower didn’t cross my mind at all*

12. 45 mins later, get into car, get to robots only to remember I forgot my cell on charge (and only now do I start worrying about how the rest of my day will pan out after all this shenanigans)

13. Get the cell, get onto highway (after cutting off an ou omie by mistake at the onramp – sorry oom) and the gas light comes on. Bugger. I barely made it to the Shell Ultra. Someone was looking out for me

14. Walk to the office only to have my bag’s strap snap spilling all contents allover the place *still haven’t recovered everything, hope I didn’t lose important stuff. Sigh.*

And that, my friends, is my very naafie start to the day. I barely managed to finish this post…..but it can only get better….

Right now I am praying that nothing else goes wrong. I will only get up from my desk to go to the loo. No canteen, no nothing. Plastic knife and fork will be used for lunch (can’t stab myself with that now can I?) It’s safer that way.


Comments on: "My VERY great start to this Donnerdag (NOT)" (13)

  1. borrel said:

    Oi and I thought I had it ad Dizzy, hope things go better for you:(

  2. Killakat said:

    thanks bumble, hope so too, flying under the radar just in case :o)

  3. SilentDeath said:

    Strongs… I’ve been told that lots of coffee and chocolate helps for days that start like that… or merlot… your choice.;)

  4. Killakat said:

    SD – think I’ll skip the merlot for now …. but there are a few beers in the fridge, will that work ? ;o)

  5. feefy said:

    There are days and then there are DAYS!!!

  6. feefy said:

    There are days and then there are DAYS!!!

  7. Noelene said:

    Yikes! What a day!Ýou are not alone in waking up with headaches my dear. It happens to me all the time!

  8. Sundancer said:

    Hope the day has improved. I took a sleeping pill last night and overslept horribly so no clean hair today for me I’m afraid. I admire you for getting up so early to exercise.

  9. Killakat said:

    Sundancer – improvements only after I popped my second round of pain-pills :o(. We gotta do what we gotta do to keep in shape :o)Koko – :o))

  10. StephanKuhn said:

    I wondered how long it would take for someone to call me out on an issue that seems ambiguous. The thing is these girls are very nice to look at in magazines or on T.V and people pay attention to beautiful things, so that’s why we do it. But the chances are that I’d probably walk right past one of them on the street without a second glance. But as far as being a part of reality, the few of them I’ve met by chance have all given me the idea that everything about them becomes superficial at some stage and that they have huge hangups about themselves. I’m not interested.

  11. Killakat said:

    PS: Miss M – what are we doing wrong?Fee – you betcha !

  12. StephanKuhn said:

    I’d die if I had to spend time with someone I couldn’t have a decent conversation with and by decent I mean something other than the usual party banter.

  13. StephanKuhn said:

    Sure I do, but as much as I enjoy the senseless party banter, I also need more meaningful conversation. If I don’t do that, it feels like I lose my grip on the world and reality

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