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Yip, first day back. Its nogals exciting. Seeing all the new hunky employees (females excluded). At last something drool worthy to look at again. Will keep me coming in to work every day. And the traffic wasn’t too bad either. Don’t think it will last though. Probably back to normal by tomorrow – most first timer parents have dropped the kids off at school, so hence no traffic I’m sure.

Just glad the greeting bit’s over – people can be so false “Oh, hi, haven’t seen you in ages, you look great!” Yah right, after picking up 10 kgs in three seconds and still having the frizzy ‘do (still haven’t got the guts to blo it out) I am SURE I look just fabulous. Buggers. But thanks anyways.

Made some new years resolutions for work:
1. When alarm clock goes off in morning, don’t hit snooze. GET UP.
2. 2 cups of coffee and happy pills by 07:00am
3. Pray for strength before getting into the car
4. Stop imagining that the boss he’s a prick (YUK!)
5. Repeat every 5 minutes “I am wonderful patient, I am helpful, I love this job
6. Flirt more with the guy in Drives – he is soooooo yummyyy :o), will do wonders for the morale
7. Actually give people the benifit (benefit? dunno anymore!) of the doubt (very very difficult)
8. Stop being such a bitch to the girl in IT (even though she’s so dof there’s just no words…)
9. Wear killer heals every day – brings out the best in me :o)
10. Put sign up in bathroom “You actually do make a difference”

Have  a super day guys


Comments on: "Hey-ho Hey-ho, Back to work I go" (8)

  1. Sundancer said:

    Hi Dizzy. Wow sounds like you work in a great place. We never see anyone the least bit hunk-like it is really dreary.

  2. Angelor said:

    Hello Dizzy,.. Thanks for the smile,..

  3. feefy said:

    Wise words, doll wise words.

  4. Killakat said:

    Angelor – anydaySundancer, yip, work at a big company, some 1600 people on our campus…I am lucky enough to cross paths with most of these gorgeous people. Lucky me

  5. Killakat said:

    *blushing* I try Fee :o)

  6. Mahesi said:

    I like #9 :)Prev.post. I enjoy reality shows a lot, you should also check out The moment of truth

  7. Killakat said:

    Sparkle – Moment of Truth ROCKS!!

  8. sam_i_am said:

    Hope you have a super day aswell 🙂

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