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Complete drivel

I have a morbid fascination with (some) reality shows – such as The Bachelor. I am happy that the latest season has started. Ok it is a few seasons older than what is airing in US, but it don’t matter to me. This is some mind-numbing TV on a Friday night. Yeah, I don’t have much of a life…*sigh*

I’m not even interested in finding out who won or who didn’t. I am more interested in seeing how the girls misbehave. And they do. But first, the current Bachelor. He’s so bland looking – there’s just no X-factor. None whatsoever *sigh*. Your typical guy-next-door type. Where did they get him I wonder? Yet the girls were squealing at how gorgeous he is. Sigh. Why can’t they choose a bad-ass type like..er…Colin Farrell, or even a Hugh Jackman-type. Now there’s a man…..but I digress. He seems a nice enough guy – doctor nogals. But doctors are so staid and boring. I don’t think this guy will be getting up to no good…feeling up Ms X while flirting with Ms XY…he seems wayyy too gentlemanly, you know?

Also, why has there not been a black Bachelor as yet? It makes me wonder if there is any specific reason for this? Are black guys not into putting their emotions on show for millions of people to see? Do they not also struggle to find Ms Right? Or do they not need the money – coz’ we must not forget, The Bachelor does get a sizeable amount of money when he finds his Ms Right (and she accepts of course). Or are Black guys just not into stuff like this? Makes me wonder…

Which brings me to the premiere last week. A boring Bachelor and a bunch of boring girls. Only a few who seems so-so interesting. No surprise when he didn’t pick the only Coloured African American girl. She was a complete psycho. First she says he’s gorgeous and she tries all in her power to make an impression. Then she has a few too many and turns into Frankenstein’s Bride – whooaa!! She was scary. When he doesn’t pick her and she gets all pissed off and starts ranting stuff about “his big teeth”, “he’s not that fabulous” and “I don’t care” while swearing like a sailor, etc etc. At this point I’m thinking “Wakey-wakey sweetie, he’s just not into you”. Why not take this with dignity – like all the other girls that were turned away – and move along? But she continues making an ass of herself and starts crying. And not interested? Yah right, that’s why you applied to be on the show in the FIRST place :o)

Now THAT’s what I enjoy about this show. Not the coochey-coo crap of finding someone and falling in-love. Asif you can do that with a million cameras watching your every move. I like seeing how they scheme and form “alliances” and the lengths they go to to snag his attention. And then turn on each other when he chooses one and not the other. Yippiee, wome weekend FUN!! :o))


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  1. Sundancer said:

    Hi Dizzy. Hope you have a great 2009. I am not so into the reality shows but used to like Project Runway. Paradise Hotel bored me to death and this new Bachelor just seems to good to be true.

  2. hutton said:


  3. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    You raise an interesting question. Why aren’t there ever any black dudes on these shows?? I loved Beauty and The Geek. Esp when they bought that hunky guy in. And of course, I liked the before and after looks of all the contestants.

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