… a little bit of this, that and a lot more

And a happy Monday to all of you 

Had a really crappy night (and before that, and the one before…) – insomnia is truly a bitch. Think I should go get myself some sleeping pills. Feel like a bloomin’ zombie. Normally putting my thoughts down on paper to clear my mind helps, not anymore….Any suggestions welcome

The head cold is also not helping my delicate constitution. On Friday it was fine. Then congestion set in. I cannot believe that one’s body can produce so much snot mucus. Sheez

This caught my attention in the Sunday Times yesterday

“Passion Pill to bring Love to all”

This pill is in the process of being perfected. Apparently it will assist shy people (to overcome their shyness ..) to fall in love. It furthermore purports to helping those who are “facially challenged” (new way of saying ..er..less attractive?) to getting someone to love. Everyone will have someone to love. No more excuses, no more looking. Hell, it seems you could have everyone in love with you.

But seriously – how will this pill work? If I understand correctly, for one (shy or challenged) person to have a shot at love, it means we all have to take this pill? Will the pill be available free of charge? Will married people be excluded from popping the pill? Will you fall in love with only one person or more? Do you have to take it everyday for the rest of your life or only until you fall in love with a challenged person? Once you have clinched the deal, do you have to keep on taking the pill so you don’t fall out of love with the challenged person? The pill is still being perfected. I would hope so….

I’m not sure about you, but I have to wonder if this will work….it may just be a bit harsh tough on those guys actually putting their hopes into this pill… I hope these people really think carefully before putting this into production

Anyways, by the look of things, all you bloggers don’t need any pills to find some love :o)

Have a super day


Comments on: "Funnybone gone missing" (3)

  1. feefy said:

    love is in the air tra lala

  2. hutton said:


  3. DisplacedTruths said:

    I had some meds prescribed by the doc for something like sinus. Problem is… the one pill I should ONLY take at night. 2 Hours later and I’m out cold. I guess thats much better than not sleeping.

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