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Over and Out

Act 1

I am soo tired. Another sleepless night. Some more voices. And that friggin SOB who calls at ungodly hours of the morning. Doesn’t talk. Also not a wrong number – surely he / she would have said so. If I find that mothafucka…..

Hubby is starting to thing its a skelmpie. Its the 2nd call in 4 days….I don’t need this shit in my life. Believe me, I don’t have one. Don’t have the time or inclination. So let off, will you!!! SOB.

Best Friend called earlier to ask if I still need anything from the shops. Oohhh Noooo! Thank goodness I’m done. Wished her well on her venture. She’s gunning for the specials. Phew. Brave woman.

Act 2

I stumbled on the latest “challenge” and ignored it pretty much, but due to inherent guilt feelings (and I wanna sleep tonight you know) I have done it. Don’t remember who’s blog I copied it from (sorry, neh?) so here goes (for those of you who are still around….)

If you read this, you are tagged, have to do it!

What is the worst Christmas gift you ever got?
Something looking suspiciously like a dog collar for a chain. From Husband nogals. That was the last….now I give him pamphlets with what I like. Make it very clear :o)

What is your best childhood Christmas memory?
Decorating the Christmas tree for the first time (11). Dizzy style :o)

What is the best gift you ever got?
Mom coming home from the hospital after we thought she’d spend it there.

W(h)ere you ever alone on Christmas, and did you love or hate it?
Never all alone. I would hate being alone on Christmas.

Do you dislike some of the guests coming over for Christmas?
The people who come over to our place are only those I can tolerate. And I dislike the ones that never know when it’s time to leave. I’ve got a lot of those….

Do you tell your kids about Santa?
Of course when they were young. I was crushed last year when Baby2 told me there is no Santa. Figured it out by himslef. Clever bugger…

Do you tell your kids the true meaning of Christmas, about Christ being born?
Of course.

Do you sing Christmas carols on Christmas day?
Not me, it’s akin to cats howling. The kids will sing. Lots of cd’s being played.

Do you decorate your house outside with lights?
Yip. First time this year. The boys were so excited.

What is your most embarrassing Christmas memory?
Falling flat on my face in front of my crush (soon to be) boyfriend. Horrific. I was 16 & still wearing the 8 inch heels & frilly dress from church. Eish.

What do you want for Christmas this year?
Not much. For everyone to be happy and have a lovely time with their family and friends and to forget – even if just for a day – all the sadness and suffering we see every day (I can’t wish for my mom can I?……) And for that friggin asshole to stop his / her shit!!

Act 3

Looking back at the year, there is nothing that jumps out at me as being particularly bad. There’s been many great moments. More great than not. I’m broke and cranky, but still blessed. What I am grateful for is  –

1. My faith & trust in God – without it I would be nothing.

2. My two healthy strong boys, who have passed their exams and are on to a new challenge next year, and who love me whether a bitch or not

3. My faithful hubby – long-suffering, he puts up with a lot of crap, sometimes I really wonder why he still hangs around such a hag like me (he wonders too he told me :o)), but he does

4. My immediate family – whether absent or not, I love them and will do anything for them. But some of them still need to get their head out of their asses…

5. My extended family – for always being there. Come hell or high water. Whenever there’s a crisis, all it takes is one phone call….

6. My sister – for having “found each other”. We are continuing to forge a strong, healthy bond. It’s not where I want it to be (yet) but – God willing – it will happen.

7. My friends – see # 3 above, for putting up with my shit when needs be, and for giving it when least expected. And for still being around – somehow I tend to lose friends faster than extra kilo’s !

8. That I have a job I love. Okay, it’s a love / hate thing. But I have a job.

9. That this thing was benign. Thanks to God.

That’s all from me for 2008 Folks. Have a fabulous holday season, drive safe and be careful. If you can’t be good, Take Pictures!!! Hahahahaaaa

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!



Comments on: "Over and Out" (4)

  1. godrykath said:

    What a lovely post! Have a blessed Christmas and may 2009 be wonderful to you!

  2. hutton said:


  3. August01 said:

    May you have a wonderful 2009!HUGS

  4. foot loose said:

    Where are u Dizzy? Am missing yr posts. Back soon I hope.

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