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Nuttin to say

Hello bloggers

I am really blegh today. Just gatvol. Nie lus nie. But must share my rant & rave from yesterday.

This woman phones in on the Fresh Drive. This is how the conversation went (not exact, but what I can remember):

DJ F: Hello you’re on the air
Caller: Hi Fresh,
DJ F: How are you doin’?
Caller: Oh I hate my job (giggles)
DJ F: Really, why do you hate it?
Caller: I just hate (everything) about it (giggle), I’m working this Xmas, I’ve worked the last three Xmases (giggles)
DJ F: Really? WHy
Caller: (ignores that question) I just hate everything, I hate my life, I hate my BF (oops if he is listening to 5 FM at that particular time)
DJ F: OK why don’t you get a rich BF
Caller: I have one. He gives me everything, He does everything for me,
DJ F: so how can you say you hate him? So leave your job
Caller: (at this point probably realizes she’s making an ass of herself) Ohhh, but I can’t who’s gonna pay the bills….
DJ F: Er, the BF?
Caller: Oh but I can’t let him do that all the time….but I love him, and yes he does, he does everything for me, takes me to dinners, buys me clothes, he’s wonderful (yadayada)…

At this point I am so naseaus I could puke. What the hell is this girl thinking? She needs to grow up. There are millions of people out there who does not have a job, clothes, and have a lot more to stress about than not working this Xmas. Like, not having a job and an income to see to your kids. Jirrie! She’s sitting pretty but all she can do is MOUN. Zheez, people like this just works on my G’s. I wish people would WAKE UP!!!

PS: to the idiot in the Gold effing Chrysler Voyager that almost pushed me into the effing barriers after the Botha Offramp (on the way to PTA), F fucking U!!!

Have a super weekend


Comments on: "Nuttin to say" (11)

  1. hutton said:


  2. MissTiGGeRr said:

    Yeah ppl like her make me sick. Bloody hell. There is ppl out there that would give their left arm leg and eye for a job And she just wants it all and doesnt appreciate itThe highway in Pretoria does suck! I drive that way every day as well and ppl just don’t give a flying fuck bout anyone else. it’s just a mattger of let me get there first!Hope you have an awesomely relaxed weekend!

  3. feefy said:

    Have a great one doll.

  4. bronwyntivers said:

    F Fucking U – hehehehe I like that one!!!Thanks for the well wishes…hope you have a wonderful ‘silly’ season πŸ™‚

  5. Killakat said:

    thanks you guysI am not in the holiday mood yet, but have a great Xmas & New years

  6. caprice said:

    Eish sounds like a kid who needs to grow upand get a life

  7. Killakat said:

    Precisely C, really gets on my g’s

  8. Sundancer said:

    Hi Dizzy. Probably a trophy airhead and let’s face it some of these men get what they deserve. As for drivers round Joburg – lets just not get started.

  9. suicidal jane said:

    sorry – it was me in the voyager crysler……lol

  10. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    Lol! What a great vent. I often wonder why some people call into the radio, when it only makes them sound like complete fools.

  11. caiventer said:

    Heheh…Maybe, like a lot of people this time of year, she’s gone bonkers? I’m feeling a bit potty-nuts myself…

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