… a little bit of this, that and a lot more

Been busy….

Got a low boredom threshold….was bored, got bored with my name. So shortened it.

Somewhere in blogland many a blogger is merrily participating in yet another activity – naming their favourite quotes from movies, or wherever. What I would like to know (again, with tears in my bloodshot brown eyes) is this…How on EARTH do you guys remember all these quotes & sayings?

In my (small) mind it is boggling that you have the ability to grab these things (while watching the movie, reading the book), stash it away in those wonderful brains of yours, compartmentalise it (humor, life, etc) then at the drop of a hat….recall it from that specific compartment, and reproduce it. Quoting the movie / author & the characters ook, nogals. Jissie. That is truly amazing. How do yo get it right. Is there some secret to it? Let me in on it puleeaasee??

I have never been able to accomplish this. Believe me, have I tried. And tried. With no success. I barely remember all the movies that I’ve seen and really enjoyed. I have tried memorising all my favourite verses in the Bible. I cannot quote them. I will be able to tell you (at an appropriate moment of course) about something of some sorts (relevant to a situation) somewhere in the Bible, but not reproduce it verbatim. I sometimes have trouble even remembering my families’ offspring’s names. So how will I ever get this right? Help

Whoa, sorry for zigzagging on the highway yesterday. I couldn’t resist. The highway was open. Yipieee. For the first time in a long time I could “sit-voet-in-die-hoek”. So I had some fun. I know. It’s irritating. I’m a hypocrite. I hate it when other people do it, but conveniently forget this when I do it. Selective memory they call it. Sorry

Maar dit was lekker om die pype weer bietjie oop te blaas, whoooo!!! Gonna do it again this afternoon :o)

I also feel bad for zapping that ou-toppie who pulled in front of me with a bakkie full of workers. Err. I lie. I don’t. WTH were you thinking – did you not see the grey car careening down the bloody highway? Even my lights were on. Jissie. The workers skrikked themselves white. Thank goodness for ABS and EBD and whatever else.

PS: before you all get upset at breaking speeding limits, I wasn’t going THAT fast….

Like I said, gonna do it again later.

The itch
What is it with men and their crotches. Why do you feel the need to scratch. When everyone can see. Is the onnie too big (won’t flatter you by asking too small :o)). What happens down there that necessitates this constant attention. It’s not asif you’ve waxed and have an itchy re-growth. Oh wait, maybe you are (with ref to Ambi’s blog yesterday about guys getting into the wax of things)

Or do you just need to check that the jewels are still there. Handle & all. Heehee

Last but not least
“Cryptic comments don’t do shit. If you have something to say, then bloody well say it”


Comments on: "Been busy…." (4)

  1. JustWilliam said:

    i am not scratching ……

  2. Killakat said:

    Just W…you are but one soul so far…:o))

  3. foot loose said:

    Re: Remembering ‘quotes’. Have 3 dictionaries devoted to em. Dozens for every occasion….Sorry guys, giving away secrets?

  4. foot loose said:

    Hi Dizzy – just discovered 100’s websites devoted to quotes of every description. Don’t bother to buy dictionaries. Look under ‘famous quotations’

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