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Yesterday my best friend calls me to tell me her car burnt out. Ooookaayyyyy. Which part? No, my car burnt out. Jah, I heard you, but explain. THE WHOLE FUCKING CAR!! In a matter of minutes, the car was gone. Just a white shell.

How on fucking earth does something like that happen? The car was in for a service 2 weeks ago. Did they forget to re-connect all the fucking wires? Did they connect them directly to the bloody gas tank? The mind boggles.
Hubby reckons if there was an electrical fault, they would have picked it up at the service. So question: did she have an electrical problem. Yes. Just from the day she bloody well bought the car. Did she ask them to check it out. Yes. So I guess they should be held liable fo this? But how long will this whole bloody investigation take? A month – if she’s lucky. Of course these things take time. The insurance drags their feet because they wanna obviously make sure they definitely have to pay. The dealership will be even more meticulous, becoz’ lo-and-behold, they don’t want the fucking bad publicity. In the meantime my friend sits without a car. All her personal belongings she had with her destroyed. She is in a state. So who cares? As long as the insurance is happy & the dealership saves their asses. Who cares?

And this poor woman has been through a lot this year. What more can happen?


Comments on: "OMG" (6)

  1. feefy said:

    That is terrible.

  2. Sundancer said:

    Shame Dizzy. You are right though because now the insurance company will argue with the dealership and that will take time.

  3. DisplacedTruths said:

    I hate it when it becomes a thing of.. its not our fault.. we not gonna pay. Can someone just step up for once…?

  4. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    Your poor friend! She needs to make as much noise about this as possible.

  5. Killakat said:

    Hello bloggers, she is actually putting a nice little file together with all the compliants, etc. She intends taking it to Carte Blanche. Knowing her, she will give them a whole lotta crap, making them wish they’d done their job properly in the first place!

  6. mocha choca said:

    Well thank heavens nobody was in the car when it burnt out.

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