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Hello Blogland

I truly had no idea what to write about today – yet i spent quite a few hours yesterday going over all the stuff I just had to share with you guys today. Only to hit a real blank (or as we say “slaan ‘n blank”). But it is slowly coming back to me…

The Function on Saturday 
The ladies lingerie party was a roaring success. The girls only managed to leopard crawl out of my place at about 11ish….and that was after (the hinting didn’t work anymore) I had to ask them to leave!! “Yah, I love you too but enough is enough already!!!” Note: the party started at 13:00….
Thank goodness we had designated drivers all around, or else a few girls might have been in big trouble with the guys in uniform!

Of course, there were a few who didn’t bother to pitch, becoz of this, that & the other. Be certain – if you have RSVP’d Yay, the only POSSIBLE reason you cannot attend a party (in my book) is:- death. Other than that there is NO excuse. According to my records (and their excuses), NO ONE DIED. Those girls will not make it onto my list again. Yet they all email (falsies!) this morning to apologize profusely, and make all those polite noises of “Aww, I’m so sorry, I’ll make it up to you” and yadayada. I’m sorry too. That you disappointed me….The ones that didn’t pitch and didn’t bother to even call me, well, there is just no words for you….

And to the girl that almost burnt down my house – the only reason you are still alive is coz’ you managed to put out the bloody flames! You are truly a menace. No more booze for you, methinks :o))) But I still wuff you :o)

Poor hubby
Of course hubby came home amid all the raucus partying, and had to duck and dive among the gyrating throng of women just to (safely & in one piece) get to the bedroom. The girls were in a mood, and any guy would have done!! Horror of horrors. It would have been all over PTA in 5 seconds! Thank goodness we got him to safety in time!!

Bliksemse hubby
After everyone left he tells me he bumped my car. Reversed into a wall nogals. And they say women can’t drive? HUH. He was stone cold sober. So what’s the excuse?? He did not see the wall….REALLY? It’s been a fixture at our friends’ place ever since they moved in there….3 YEARS ago.

Nah, It jumped right behind the car…er…when?? Just like that. Out of nowhere? Jaahh, neh? … and telling me at 12 after the party was a good choice (well done, sweetie) coz’ I was in no mood for a fight … even the children were scared of my reaction. The next morning they both asked if he’d told me (in whispers). After establishing all’s safe, they told me exactly what happened. Guess who doesn’t have a bonus to blow anymore …??

That folks, is all for now….going visiting now


Comments on: "Allover-the-place" (7)

  1. bronwyntivers said:

    Sounds like a veeery interesting weekend!! Hope the car’s not too bad ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Killakat said:

    Hey BT, he’s getting quotes today, so hoping we don’t have to replace anything….and yah, very interesting, I will do such a party again…what a lot of fun!!

  3. caprice said:

    aaaahr that’s craps!Ag atleast you know who thebetter driver between the two of you

  4. supagran said:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your party sounded great, sorry about your car, my husband reversed mine into a metal pole!

  5. Mahesi said:

    Glad you had fun

  6. DisplacedTruths said:

    Sounds like fun except the car ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope its not 2 bad.

  7. StephanKuhn said:

    nothing happened, I just can’t take it anymore

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