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I cannot understand how men – ok sorry, correction, my man – can leave his tools lying around! And, no, I am not talking about the ones that generally keeps me a very happy woman indeed (except for this week, but that’s another story altogether). No, I am referring to the actual hardware – drills, drill-bits, grinders, screwdrivers and the like. 

He’s got a lot of toolboxes to house all these impressive tools. But do you think he finds the necessity to use it? Oh no! That is just way too much to ask. And me being a control freak, a meticulously organized person, I like everything to be in their boxes (and I am only referring to the tools in question, mind you). The damn stuff is all over the place – my study is not a study anymore, its a friggin garage! And whenever he’s looking for something, guess whom he comes to – yah, you guessed right. The control freak.

So last night the key broke in the lock. He can’t find his tools to get the damn thing out of the lock – who does he ask? Being absolutely not lus for this at friggin 10 o’clock at night, I just ignored him. You can imagine the choice words I got for my attitude. So there he was trudging through the rain to the garage on his search and retrieve mission. Needless to say, it took him a while to locate all the required tools (screwdriver and knyptang thingie – forget what it is in English).


A further 30mins later and he comes back, the nub stuck in the lock just don’t wanna budge. “Where’s the bloody spare key”. O K A Y. I get up (with attitude) and give it to him. After another 10 minutes or so, I finally I get up to go check out what’s goin’ on. Looking in interest at the frantic tugging and pulling, I ask why he doesn’t put the spare key in from the outside to try and nudge it out. O M G. The look I got. “What the fuck are you saying?”. O K A Y. Just a suggestion. Try it. And you know what, it worked. Finally we got to bed, safely tucked in and insulated from robbers and what-not. And neither of us are tired anymore. So we each grab our books….


Needless to say we both didn’t get any last night either. Guess I have to apologise if i wanna get lucky tonight :o)


Comments on: "Men and their tools" (8)

  1. Sundancer said:

    My man was exactly the same and I was expected to know instantly where his tools were left lying about or what drawers he had shoved them in. Drove me nuts.

  2. feefy said:

    PM is already doing that, and it’s not even his house.

  3. bronwyntivers said:

    He He – don’t you just love being right!!!

  4. DisplacedTruths said:

    Men will never admit if they were wrong.. lost of didn’t think of something.Guess u will have 2 🙂 Just admit that you know that you were right and that you were sorry that you took so long to share the profound knowledge with him ….

  5. Killakat said:

    :o) i love being right, but not if its costs me LOL! Guess i’ll have to make up tonite !Yoh Fee, you got a challenge on hands there :o)Madmom & Sundancer – why are we the lucky ones? There are men out there who are supremely organized and will put us to shame. But we just happen to chose the ones that aren’t? eish…

  6. JournoJen said:

    BAHAHA! Shame man. You’re not in the wrong. Imagine if you did not have that brainwave…men and tools. It’s an obsession.

  7. JessieR said:

    ROFL…..Ai…Men….Have a fabulous weekend.

  8. suicidal jane said:

    men- they hate being wrong- why dont u make a suggestion and get him a little tool bag that is a travel one with extra tools – my hubby has one and its a godsend- if he is in a rush he just grabs that little bag- actually its not little ha ha – but it works like a bomb!!!

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