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Totally bored

OK OK, this is truly a k*k one. Don’t expect any of you to try it….(has anyone noticed that i’m not in the mood for work today?)

The idea is to spell your name by copying & pasting the lines….example follows….

What your (online) name means..

A: Always on someone’s mind
B: Loves people
C: Really easy to fall in love with
D: Good listener
E : Respectful
F: Adored by crazy people
G: Hard headed
H: Really silly
I: Loves to laugh
J: Joker
K: Easy to fall in love with
L: Beautiful eyes
M: Fun to date
N: Good in bed
O: Fun person
P: Popular
Q: Hypocrite
R: Loves Life
S: Lovely smile
T: Good partner
U: Broad minded
V: Can kick your ass
W: Victim
X: Wise ass
Y: Fantastic Hugger
Z: Reliable

For example (…this is sooo exciting….sigh)

D: good listener (not after a glass of vino)
I: Loves to laugh (especially after a glass of vino)
S: Lovely smile (ditto)
C: Really easy to fall in love with (ermmm…)
O: Fun person (of course)
M: Fun to date (erm, don;t think hubby will like this, but yes :o))
B: Loves people (absofrigginlutely)
O: Fun person (okaayyy, we know this already…)
M: Fun to date (see above)
B: Loves people (who RSVP on time)
E : Respectful (naturally)
D: good listener (see #1 on top)

See ya’ll tomorrow :o)))))


Comments on: "Totally bored" (3)

  1. DisplacedTruths said:

    L: Beautiful eyes (yeah i quite like them)U: Broad minded (sometimes..otherwise I’m just narrowminded because I could be – stubborn!)N: Good in bed ;)A: Always on someone’s mind (well hope so)

  2. ermadziva said:

    E. RespectfulL. Beautiful eyesE. RespectfulA. Always on someone’s mindN. Good in bed (this i know to be true)O. Fun person (jury still out on this one)R. Loves life (meh, I know nothing else so…)

  3. fatimao said:

    M: Fun to date E : Respectful

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