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~ RSVP ~

If you invite people to a party, you expect them to RSVP by a certain date. In my mind – this is not rocket science – “YES I will attend”, or “NO I will not attend”. So why is it so difficult for people to RSVP? Is it an intricate thought process? Maybe they have a lot going on in their minds (a colleague of mine always used to say “sy koppie, hy raas”). Maybe Yes / No are not part of their vocabulary? Huh?

What I have noticed is this – people are waiting for a better offer. Your “do” is just not the event of the year. Even though they don’t have anything else lined up for that day, they will hold out for a better offer. COME ON MAN…..make a choice. It’s really not that difficult.

And then you get the people who think they will offend you. HA. You won’t offend me, I’m just glad you replied …WITH a decision. I really appreciate it. Thanks to you all. Your mom really did her job properly.

Then there’s the ”Falsies” – “Oh, it’s gonna be such fun!” and “Oh, I haven’t been to one of those. Is it cool?” Uh, Yah? So they wanna be adventurous, they accept. Just to fucking cancel on your ass a day before. Buggers. Those people will not make it onto my list again. Ever. OK, maybe after I get over myself.

Last but not least the “Yuppies” – the ones who wants to know who will also be there. Seriously?!! Does it matter. I’m inviting you, not THEM. And George Dubyah can’t make it anyways….So will you still come? Probably not, coz’ there’s not important / savvy / sexy / rich / pretty enuff people attending. In this case….your ass is history in my books!


Comments on: "~ RSVP ~" (9)

  1. feefy said:

    I tink it is very bad manners not to rsvp.

  2. Mahesi said:

    People are missing the point. I also hate it when they don’t.LOL @ the Yuppies and what about those who invite their buddies too?

  3. caiventer said:

    Yip, I’m still waiting for half the guest list to reply nearly a WEEK after the invite. Do yo think they’re keeping their options open? Well-well. If so then they better go on to discombobbledybob other peoples lives…

  4. JournoJen said:

    It’s just common decency to rsvp. I mean…you also have to do all the planning for catering and seating etc. Some PEOPLE!

  5. Killakat said:

    JJ, absolutely, common sense & decency. FFS!Extra Virgin – sorry to pop your cherry in this way … ;o)) they probably are….

  6. Killakat said:

    PS: i don’t mind if they bring a friend – the more the merrier, but they should warn me in advance – which they seldom do!Also, if they have two invites for the same day – make a decision already! You can’t have it both ways!

  7. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    Brilliantly written. I get sooo frustrated with people not rsvp-ing. Even when there’s a rsvp by date – people still don’t! Its rude, and frustrating for the organiser.

  8. DisplacedTruths said:

    They try to keep it open.. if nothing better turns up they will go..if something better turns up..they won’t go. Very poor manners!

  9. suicidal jane said:

    and i thought it was a cape town thing!!!

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