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Being tolerant

This week starts with a rant and rave.

This weekend it was once again highlighted how easy it is for us to be intolerant of people different from us – whether it is language, color, race, religion, whatever. We seem to forget that we’re not supposed to be the same – can you imagine if there were carbon copies of yourself running amok all over the country. This would be ideal if you were Mother Theresa. For the rest of us – horror of horrors! Are these differences not supposed to be our very pride and joy – the fact that we are such a colorful country, having all these different races, religions, etc in one spot on this earth?

So why can’t we all just accept that we are different. That the person next to me has a funny accent, that his hair is different, that he pronounces words differently, but fortunately he is still able to express himself. Is that not what matters? That the opinion he expresses is just that – HIS opinion, it may be contrary to what you or I believe. But we can’t just dismiss him or attack him because I believe he is wrong, or because his opinions don’t fit into my reality?

That brings me to another topic – labels. We are so quick to label people. What gives anyone the right to put a label to someone just because they do not fit within our sphere of comfort? Yes, I was raised in a well-to-do family, but that does not mean that I believe I am better than you or that you and I cannot get along, or sit around the same table and have a lekker conversation. When we are stripped of all worldly trappings, we are all still the same. Or am I being naive and idealistic?

Lastly – the one word that gets my hackles up. Calling a black person by that word. The K word. This is even worse if it is a coloured using it against a black person. Again, what makes that idiot thinks he is better than the black person sitting next to him? Yet that very same coloured guy gets upset when he is called a bushie. WTF?!!

We are supposed to be beyond that pre-historic k*k already? How can we continue to building a better country for ourselves and our children if people are still hanging on to k*k names and references such as this?


Comments on: "Being tolerant" (5)

  1. DisplacedTruths said:

    Totally agree. Everyone is different. Even you. Even I. We have to be accepting to each other. So can we all get over the crap?

  2. Killakat said:

    totally!! well said :o))

  3. StephanKuhn said:

    We should probably ignore them, but I enjoy making fun of them too much.I do agree with you about the tolerance though, but I’ll bet you that we could find at least two similarities for ever difference between us.

  4. Killakat said:

    exactly, but we are in such a hurry we don’t make the time to find those similarities! okay, i’ll stop now…. :o)

  5. DisplacedTruths said:

    Got the pills! Well different ones but still. Took 2 yesterday (oops was only suppose to take 1 LOL)… but feeling much much better. Have a gr8 week!

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