… a little bit of this, that and a lot more

Probably a bit boring by now, but here goes….

A is for Age:


B is for Beer of Choice:

Heineken (if I really, really have to)

C is for career right now.

IT PM – can you put IT & PM in the same sentence???

D is for your dogs name.


E is for essential item you use everyday.


F is for Favourite TV channel.


G is for favourite game to watch.


H is for Home Town.


I is for instruments you play.


J is for favourite Juice.

OJ (dashed with Vodka)

K is for whose arse you’d like to be kicking.

The Bossman

L is for last place you ate.

In front of the TV

M is for Marriage.


N is for your full name.

Pocahontas Paulse (yeah right!!)

O is for Overnight hospital stay.

When my son had encephalitis


P is for People you are with today.

Work peeps.

Q is for quote.

“If you can visualize it, you can achieve it” – from books & articles on the net, it’s always stuck with me

R is for Biggest Regret.


S is for scars.


On my Arm – Rottweiler bit me

Knee – from an accident when I was 6

T is for time you woke up today.

4.15 (not on purpose !!)

U is for underwear you have on.

Yes, I’m wearing some

V is for vegetable you love.

Gem squash

W is for worst habits.

Smoking (it’s a love-hate thing)

X is for X-Rays you’ve had.

My spine & hips (getting to that age you know…)

Ankle (sprained at 14 – end of my ballet career…OK OK …I lie :o)))

Teeth (they’re still crooked, so don’t know why I needed them)

Y is for something yummy you ate today.

Orange FF Yoghurt (I do my bit, you know)

Z is for Zodiac Sign.

Taurus – Bull (…in a China Shop??) loyal, steady, boring, f’kd up….yeah, that’s me



Comments on: "I have mastered my ABC’s – finally!" (5)

  1. DisplacedTruths said:

    LOL!I’m also Taurus.. know exactly what u mean.

  2. feefy said:

    Hi Discombombed, have a great day doll.

  3. JournoJen said:

    Have super weekend yourself and thank you!

  4. hutton said:


  5. granny47 said:

    I see we are both Taurus…nice people.

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