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Email madness

Why do people send emails showing all and sunder who their email buddies are? Do they not realize there is a “TO” and a “CC” and a “BCC” – and that they can use the BCC to send emails discreetly. Shall we give them a crash course on how to manage emails?

But then again – why do those very recipients in the “TO” field believe it is their right to “reply-to-all” when they have a comment to make? I ask with tears in my big brown eyes, why why why? These people must be thinking they are either very cool or very funny.

My email to you, my so called email buddies:

I don’t think you’re cool. Frankly I also don’t care if you are. I just think you’re very ignorant and selfish, and you’re wasting my time. All you are doing is bombarding my inbox. I have now taken time out of my hectic day to create rules to delete any emails from you.

To the group organizing the reunion – I was not your friend at school coz I wasn’t cool enough, or pretty enough, or sexy enough, or whatever. And I also don’t speak your language – gibberish or whatever. So what makes you think that now, I would want to be part of your “circle of love”. I don’t. You are an acquaintance, let’s keep it that way

Maybe you need or want recognition of some sorts – “WOW check out who she knows. And him. Awesome. They are so cool, and so popular!”. Really. We’ve all grown up and should not feel the need to be recognized, be famous, be popular. So no thank you, keep me off your list.

So the following email rules applies to me, with immediate effect:
1. If you don’t see me every week, don’t email me
2. If I don’t have your cell or home nr, or ANY of your numbers, don’t email me
3. If I don’t know your mom & dad, brothers and sisters, lover or boyfriend, don’t….yeah you’re getting the point now
4. If I only see you at clubs, parties, funerals or baby showers, just don’t ……

And as for the rest, I have repeatedly told you NOT to send me chain mails. Asseblief tog, hou op! I am tired of only having 7 minutes to live because I only have 5 friends to send the email to i.s.o. the 20 your email said. I’m tired of waiting for the million rand (or more) to miraculously appear in my bank account. I am also tired of waiting for world peace because that is what i wished for 20 million emails ago. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Stop it now.

Do yourself a favor, ask all your email buddies if this irritates them as well?



Comments on: "Email madness" (5)

  1. JessieR said:

    ROLF… So getting your point. Hate those bloody ‘send this to so many people or an ant in greece will die’.

  2. llulisa said:

    I think you mean all and sundry and “satiated” not sated. I take it you missed that email about spelling.

  3. DisplacedTruths said:

    LOLI hate the chain mails as well.. I mean.. what does your logic tell you.. SURE!!! Bill Gates would want to give some of his millions away to you… and don’t forget the free phone *NOT!!!!!*

  4. Killakat said:

    o my word, there is nothing so irritating! fortunately, i know i am not alone!!PS: sate 1 (st)tr.v. sat·ed, sat·ing, sates 1. To satisfy (an appetite) fully.2. To satisfy to excess.(from TheFRee Dictionary) I have no excuse for sundry lol!!!

  5. Killakat said:

    Oh dear Cin, you have a problem :o| I dunno about ruining their lives, but if you know them, put their names under “delete immediately” in your outlook rule box? Should workgood luck

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