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What now?

Have been procrastinating getting to my own blog today…due to a combination of things…i don’t really have anything funny / remotely interesting to say. So I won’t bore you 

Just a short rant & rave: “you are in pain, you’ve been living with and complaining about it for …oh a few weeks now? Pain pills don’t help. The physio couldn’t help. Why not go see the quack? We are fortunate enough to have medical. We have (some) funds left. Please go. Your complaints are starting to grind….”

So I’m a tad nervous, off to the quack for me….results of some bloodwork, some X-rays. Also wants me to do sonar. Oh crap. I need a smoke. Hold thumbs.

In the meantime, something that at least cracked my face today (other than you bloggers) ….. may be a bot old, but what the hey…


The pilot says: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the plane is losing altitude and all the baggage must be thrown out.”

A little later, the pilot says “We’re still losing altitude; we must throw anything out that is in the cabin”. The plane continues its descent despite more things being thrown out.

Pilot: “Still going down – we must throw out some people”.
There’s a big gasp from the passengers!

Pilot: “But to make this fair, passengers will be thrown out in alpabetical order.
So… A… any Africans on board?” No one moves. “B.. any Blacks on board?” No one moves. “C… any Coons on board?” Still, no one moves. “D… any Darkies?”

A little black boy – asks his dad: “Dad…what are we? Dad: “Tonight son, we are Zots…


Comments on: "What now?" (5)

  1. DisplacedTruths said:

    Going to the docter these days is as stressful as whatever is wrong with a person. They try to fit as many people in as possible. Do they even care anymore? I hope u’re ok :)On another note, funny joke 🙂

  2. feefy said:

    Good luck at the Docs doll.

  3. caprice said:

    Good like at the doc’s hun!Lol you cracked me up with this joke!!

  4. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    Holding thumbs for you! I hate going to the dr as well. So impersonal and half the time, you diagnose yourself and they just provide the prescription.

  5. Killakat said:

    Yah, that joke cracked me up as well. Twice!! And thanks all for the heads-up, still some more tests to do…but what the heck…you can only worry about stuff you know about, eh? The bedside manner is non-existent —- they were talking about me asif I wasn’t there…I’m lying there going “Helllooooo, i’m not deaf, dumb, blind or invisible!”Moko – my sons will love him to bits, I’m not sure he’ll be handed back at all! They’ve been begging for doggies for a while now, and they are quite willing to “borrow indefinitely”!!

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