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Anger management

One of my fave songs at present is “I’ll Bust the Windows Out Your Car” (or sumthing like that) by Jocelyn Sullivan. Whoo, does this girl need to take some anger management classes! Apparently (and I speak under correction) she was seeing this guy for a few years, she thought he was committed, he obviously had other ideas, so he broke her heart. So she’s busting the windows on his car? Damn. Talk about issues & bringing bad karma on yourself. You need to let go, girlfriend. Also, aren’t there other fish in the sea? Forgive the bastard, you’ll feel soo much better. And talk about taking the wind outta his sails…..

Dancing to your own tune

The traffic officer on duty at that traffic light this morning – you go boyfriend. No one could hear that song, but you sure put a smile on my face this morning. This guy was dancing and clapping (egging us on if we were too slow with the foot on the gas pedal). “I hope to see you there again when the lights are on the blink!!”(which it frequently is)

Lightbulb moment 1

I finally figured out why Mugabe is still holding on:- due to a combination of dementia and Alzheimers! We know he’s completely bonkers & incoherent and he’s forgotten how to count (today I am turning 105…I think I will retire?) and how to lead his people (properly). But maybe no one’s reminding him! So “Bob, I’m reminding you – you may retire now. GO now. It’s ok. Zimbabwe will miss you, but they’ll be fine (eventually). Go. GO. GOO!! Give old Morgan a break, will ya?”

Lightbulb moment 2

I spend copious amounts of time in traffic. I like to flirt. Apparenly everyone is flirting in traffic. I’m not. So why is no one flirting with me in traffic???!!! Am I so ugly? Should I have a face-lift, dye my hair blonde, then you will take notice of me? Or maybe I should actually start looking at the dudes in the next car, make eye contact, traffic be damned, maybe I’ll get some action?? Damn, I answered my own question. I’m getting good at this ;o).


The 5 FM morning team – without fail, they put a smile on my face every morning. They rock!

Yeah, Mr Cliff is an arrogant and controversial prick, but don’t we need people like that to shake things up a bit? Make us question ourselves – convictions, actions, yadayada?

Mabale – she is just soo cool. Love her to bits! Never mind that she’s from Xwa Xwa…

Leigh Ann – I like her just becoz she likes her vino…like me..

Sias – love his voice and the fact that he’s a ginger…

Damian – ag shame, never mind that he’s sitting in the toilet every morning, he just can’t win with that lot. My heart goes out to you, my friend

Guys on motorbikes

Now there is nothing that titivates me more than a hunk on a big, two wheeled machine. Hmmmhmmmm. Ai ai ai, one of my (many) weak spots. Now, I am sure you will ask how do I know if they’re good looking or not…of course I don’t, but a girl can dream, can’t she? I check out the thigh muscles – if they bulge, they have a good bod, And the back – if it’s a nice shaped V, he has a good bod. If there’s nothing bulging over that gas tank…then they’re hot. BUT, if their butt crack is showing…NO NO NO NO NO!! Please put it away, my friend. UGHHHH!!

And yah, I MAKE time to check them out (rearview, side view, front view) I really use my mirrors :o)))!!!!

Being useless (rant & rave for today…)

…by NOT reading the manual, or trying to figure out something yourself!!! Jeepers, it’s NOT rocket science, man (er I mean, woman)! I’ve assisted you countless times, surely something should have clicked by now?? Jissie, you give us girls a really bad name!! And I will not question myself by wondering if I didn’t do my job by showing you how to search for/do for stuff yourself!! I.WILL.NOT! So stop calling me to do your job for you!! Useless!

(in case I don’t get to catch up) Have a super day & weekend


Comments on: "Random Mutterings" (7)

  1. Angelor said:

    Lol!! Come and drive around Margate area and I’ll flirt bigtime,.. I promise!

  2. JournoJen said:

    LOVE your blog post! Very funny. Superheroes rock 😉

  3. Ashleigh_Rose said:

    LOL! Thanks for putting a smile on my dial with this post. I esp like the way you are able to size up a hot biker dude, from a plumber one i.e. crack is whack (I saw a blogger comment somewhere). Have a super weekend!!

  4. half-pint said:

    Also love having a good perv at the hunks on bikes – probably because I miss ours big time :(~xx~

  5. Killakat said:

    Half Pint – tell me more, do guys not ride bikes in your space?Angelor – a promise you make is a promise you keep ;o))JournoJen & Ambi – those moments are so few and far between, I enjoy it while it lasts ! :o))

  6. JournoJen said:

    Erggh I don’t think you want to read that book!! Unless you get turned on by two men rubbing each other up LOL

  7. Killakat said:

    then i’ll pass …yuk!

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