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I was pondering about my next post, turns out that decision was taken totally out of my hands .

I have just received the most shocking and unexpected news….a very reliable source called me to say that my sister was seen at the courthouse – ready to go in for the final leg. I.e. she is getting her divorce decree today? WTF????

I see sister quite regularly, the last time we had a meaningful conversation was just a few weeks ago. And in the coversation of course, we speak about spouses, the hell they put us through (occasionally) and the absolute bliss we experience being with them (most of the time). The planned divorce never came up once during the conversation.

So I ask – what the hell is going on here?? I am sure you will ask how certain I am of the source’s reliability – my source is my sister-in-law (married to my oldest bro) and she works at the court. She just happened to walk by while sussie was waiting for the lawyer. She asked my sister what she  was doing there, and sussie just said “I’m getting a divorce, what else do we come here for?”! Flippen hell. The previous time sis-in-law she told me some inside info…it turned out to be true as well

My first instinct was of course to plak down the phone and call sussie, but in-law asked me not to….seeing that sussie hasn’t told me, it will look bad for me to call and ask about the saga, because she will most definitely ask who told me, hence putting in-law in a kak predicament. The agony…even hubby reckons I should wait for her to make contact and tell me about this. But this is not right!! If this is true, why would she not tell me in the first place? If this is not true, i will give the in-law a flippen snot klap! What do to do, what to do??

Also, a few weeks ago sussie gave me some cryptic comment about me getting ready to receive some shocking news from the very same in-law….is this the effing news???? Shit!!! I need help here, pleeeaaasseeeee… what would you do??


Comments on: "Caught between a rock and a hard place" (6)

  1. StephanKuhn said:

    Don’t do anything. It’s the safest way you can go right now and any other course of action might just lead to a family fight and that’s never pretty

  2. Killakat said:

    shit, guess i’ll hav to wait

  3. StephanKuhn said:

    It’s supposed to be fun, just go for it!

  4. Killakat said:

    hi spy, i’ve been good, have been tempted but didn’t call….wait and see what happens…by the way, your blog was probably the first i read when i started trawling….but must admit i need to catch up. I’m glad you gave the last one the boot, just sorry it had to happen that way..laters

  5. Killakat said:

    Update – it is now day 3, no word, not even an email, NADA. I am worried about her, I will admit. But i’ll respect her need for privacy..Kokomo, their problems have been comin a while, it started 3 years ago with adultery – he had an affair with her cousin, a close one, no less. I understand that it can be difficult for her, but hell, what is the use if you can’t rely on your fam & friends, huh?

  6. glyofbly said:

    No comment asked should always cause no comment to be given.You want to help but if your help is needed it will be asked for.methinks anyway….(Please send your account details for that haircut, hehehe)

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