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Letter to Zindzi

Dearest Zindzi

Eish .. I was so shocked to read that article about you in the Sunday Times yesterday. Ai ai ai, why did you put yourself and your family in such a terribly embarrassing situation?  In it you are reported to have vandalized the property you are leasing and also not paying rent as contractually obligated. No no no no no….

I know we should not be judgmental of anyone – but this situation just boggles my mind.

You are family to Mandela – not Julius Malema (idiot), Mr Love Pants (bigger idiot) or even Trevor Manual (I really love him) – so we expect you to behave in a certain way. We also expect you to be …classy (for the lack of a better word). So how can you be embroiled in such an embarrassing and now very public, squabble over not paying rent on a property you are leasing. And to crown it all, to vandalize that property in such a way (holes in walls, water stains & cigarette burns on expensive, antique furniture and carpets, etc). How on earth?!!! What were you thinking?? What must your father be thinking? What an embarrassment to such a well loved & respected man. Shame on you.

I am not saying that you are guilty – once again, I can only comment based on what was reported in the Sunday Times yesterday. And what they are saying, is quite damning. And the fact that it has been put into print, ayooo! Bad bad bad….for you and for your family.

To me, being the daughter of such a well known man, should all your actions not always be beyond reproach? Yes I do expect people in the public eye – family of politicians, pastors, celebrities and the like – to behave in nightclubs, I expect you not to do drugs, I expect you (because you’re of a certain standing in life) to behave with a sense of decorum and to have pride in everything you do. I do not expect you to rent a house in an expensive suburb and do things like this. You are supposed to be classier than that! Sies man!

I can only hope that these are vicious lies and that you are eventually exonerated. In which instance, I will write you a letter of apology for criticizing you so wrongly.

To all the other celebs and politicians’ families out there…..BEHAVE yourself. Don’t be an embarrassment to you and the people who support you and look up to you. Leave that to the Malema’s and the Love Pants(es), we expect that of them




Comments on: "Letter to Zindzi" (2)

  1. colleen_figg said:

    welcome to blogland. Thanks for your comments on my blog.re not judging or assuming her guilty, I am afraid you are, this says so: “Shame on you.”.

  2. Killakat said:

    you’re absolutely right…my bad….

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